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Lessons learnt from previous Hackathons

Do we have any lessons learnt from the Hackathons that took place in the begin of April?
How to make it better this time?

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    Hi Mat, Even though, similar to the #WirvsVirus hackathon some weeks ago, I was not really able to follow the hackathon, mainly due to technical issues (old Mac ;-)), I'd like to share some learnings.

    1. Good - a timely and relevant topic; European outreach (even beyond), slim structure through Devpost and Slack; communication across various social channels; engaged core team
    2. Tricky - for a non-techie the tools, and processes that they are used in, are not common daily practice; process of finding a team or setting up a team is something one has to learn through practice - definitely not in a 2-day hackathon; overloading Devpost servers in the beginning; necessary hardware requirements (Devpost ran on Firefox but not on Safari)
    3. Learned - you always get something out of a hackathon (even though not being part of an active team); preparing for the final days needs personal time investment; adjustment to family life can be more of a challenge than at first assumed
    4. Action - following #EUvsVirus beyond the official closing; testing some of the mentioned tools; looking for another opportunity to bring my expertise to the ground

    Thanks for making it happen, and looking forward to hearing about the progress


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